By this time next week, we should be waiting to board a 777-300er in L.A., and depart on a 15+ hour journey across the Pacific. In the meantime I'm trying to understand how I got here – I think Wilkey has been playing missionary chess with me, and I didn't even realize it (evidence in photo from two years ago below; look out boys, that means you other four are next).

I have flown a total of one time to D.C. and back in 2009 with Paula, and Luke has never flown. Even for Bryan and Jake who have traveled quite a bit more, including Europe, this is going to be a quite different experience. But when the opportunity presented itself to take our just-graduated sons to the mission field and be with Ken, how could we say no? So, I am counting the hours to the start of this adventure.

Please be praying for us as we prepare. Bryan and I want to be as encouraging and useful as possible while we are there, and our desire is for this journey to leave a spiritual mark on Luke and Jake that will last a lifetime. Having spent so many hours with Ken over the years, and knowing the names of so many there we are anxious to see, I cannot wait for that plane to finally land in Manilla.